Modeling has a special role in the fashion industry. In modeling, their clothes, jewelry, make-up, shoes, and even everything are introduced through modeling. Many women and men associated with the profession of modeling in Indian and Pakistani are even children. There is no shortage of talent in India and Pakistan so many women have made a name for themselves in the field of modeling. The names of some of these models are noteworthy.

Indian Models 

  • Noyonika Chatterjee

Noyonika Chatterjee is a famous Indian female model. she started her modeling career in 1990. she looks like a Short break during her marriage and the birth of her daughter.

  • Nethra Raghuraman

Nethra Raghuraman is a famous Indian model. she started her modeling career in she is 41 years old.

  • Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias is a famous Indian supermodel. now she is 39 years old but now she is also a famous model.

  •  Sheetal Mallar

Sheetal Mallar is one of the famous Indian models. she is an Indian fashion model. she started her career in 1994  when she was just 16 years old.

  • Archana Akhil

 Archana Akhil is from Bangalore. she is a famous model. she start her modeling career in 2012 when she shifted Banglore to Mumbai. she is also a basketball ad hockey player.

  • Nina Manual

Nina Manual is a famous Indian model. she is not only a model but also a famous television host and VJ. 

Shonal Rawat

Shonal Rawat Is a famous Indian former model. she is also a television anchor. she is best known for her music videos. she is one of the beautiful models.

Vidisha Pavate

Vidisha Pavate is one of the famous Indian models. she participates in many fashion shows.

Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray is a famous Canadian Indian actress and popular model. she starts her modeling career in 1990.then she comes into the acting field in 1996 after that in 2001 she appears in Bollywood.

Nathalia Kaur

Nathalia Kaur was born on 15 August 1990 in Brazil. Nathalia Kaur is a famous actress and model. she is a Brazilian model and actress who works in India as a model and actress.

Zoya Afroz

Zoya Afroz is a famous Indian actress model and Hindi film actress. she was born 10 January 1995 in India. she is one of the famous Indian models.

Esha Gupta 

Esha Gupta is a famous Indian model-actress. she also won the title of Miss India international award in 2007.she was born on 28 November 1985 in India. she starts her career as a model in 2007.

Sheetal Menon

Sheetal Menon is a famous Indian model-actress and producer. she appears in many Hindi films. she is also a good dancer.

Monikangana Dutta

Monikangana Dutta is a famous Indian model and actress. she studied in an army public school.

Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta is a famous Indian actress and model.

Tupur Chatterjee

Tupur Chatterjee is a famous Indian actress and model. her grandfather is a famous filmmaker.

Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal's name is worth mentioning in the fashion industry. Sadaf Kanwal is a new talented Pakistani actress and model. Sadaf Kanwal is an active model who has appeared in dramas as well as exhibitions of various fashion shows and brands. Sadaf Kanwal has become a good model and actress at the age of 24.

Mehreen Syed

Mehreen Saeed is known as a very capable Pakistani model. Mehreen has been involved in the field of modeling for a long time. Therefore, along with modeling, she has also founded several fashion schools. Mehreen Saeed has won many medals.


 is a beautiful Pakistani model who started her modeling career in 2010. Ian was only 16 when she started modeling. At the moment, Ian has become a famous singer along with a famous model.

Mahwish Hayyat

 Mahesh Hayat is a famous Pakistani model-actress and film star. Mahesh Hayat has acted in many films and TV dramas but also made a name for himself in modeling. When she started her career she is only a drama actress and model later on now she is known as a super film star.

Mehira Khan

Mahira khan is a Famous Pakistani actress, model, and film star. She earned several accolades, including the Best Television Actress Lux style award. She was born 21dec 1984 in Karachi and also start her career in Karachi as a VJ 2006.she is also high paid actress.

Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah is a Pakistani actress .she was born on 9th June 2000 in Karachi. She gets the hum award for best sensation 2019. she performs her first drama Ishq tamasha and earned best television sensation. She also starts her career in her first drama Ishq tamasha. She is not the most beautiful Pakistani actress but she is the most beautiful Pakistani model. All the time when she comes any shooting her mother comes with her.


Ayezeh khan is the most popular best Pakistani actress. she is a beautiful actress. she was born on 15 Jan 1991.
In her family, her sister Hiba Khan is more younger than her. Danish Taimoor is a well known Pakistani actor, model, and host. Danish Taimoor is her husband. She is a high-paid Pakistani actress.


Hania Amir was born on 11 Feb. 1997 in Rawalpindi Pakistan. She is a beautiful Pakistani actress, model, film actress, and singer. She starts her career in 2015 at the age of 18.she start her film career with her first film Janna.


Saba Qamar is the most popular beautiful Pakistani celebrity. She is a famous actress. She is also a high paid actress. she was born 5th April 1984.she is well known Pakistani actress, film star, model, her full name is Sabahat Qamar Zaman.


Aiman Khan is a new Young Pakistani Actress, she starts her career at an early age. She was born on 20th November 1998. now she is 22 years old. She starts her showbiz career 


Sajal Ali is another Pakistani famous actress, model, and film star. She is also the highest-paid actress.


Hira Mani is another popular Pakistani actress model and host, she starts her career very late. now she is also a singer.


Sana Javed is and another new beautiful Pakistani actress and model. she is a beautiful Pakistani actress. she is a gorgeous actress.


Mahnnoor Baloch is the most beautiful actress and film star. She starts her career with her first drama Marvee. where she was a friend of Marvee. Mahnoor Baloch is a popular celebrity.


Ayesha Omer is the most beautiful Pakistani actress, model, film actress, and singer.


Saboor Aly is also one of the most beautiful and charming actress and model. She is the sister of Sajal Ali


Maya Ali a new young actress and model and also a film star celebrity.


Sarah khan is a famous Pakistani model and actress. She is the wife of famous singer Falak Shabir.


Minal khan is a popular Pakistani model and actress. She is the sister of Aiman khan.


Mawra Hocane is the best model, actress, and film actress.