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  Showbiz industry

The showbiz industry is a huge industry in which many actors and actresses and many people related to showbiz work. Now fashions are being introduced in many showbiz every day.

Be it fashion clothes or shoes jewellery or hair everyday new design a new style you get to see.

Today we will talk about hairstyles and tell about the Pakistani actresses who cut their hair short and they will look so beautiful.

  •  Aliza shah

Aliza Shah is a young and beautiful actress from Pakistan she is a famous actor as well as very talented and that is why she gained a lot of popularity in a very short time and won the hearts of her fans. Aliza Shah acted in many famous dramas and gained Fame. Now let's talk about Alizeh shah hairs,

Aliza shah hairs are very beautiful. Aliza has recently given her hair a new look. After colouring her hair Alisa got her baby cut and now she looks very beautiful with this hair.

  • Hania Amir

Mary is a famously beautiful and talented actress in Pakistan. She has acted in many dramas. She won the hearts of her fans by playing different roles. Hani of 10 looks new and keep changing her style. A few days ago, Hania gives her hair a new look. Hania has her haircut and introduced in a beautiful way along with this hair they look as beautiful and unique as ever.

  • Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is a famous Pakistani actress. She is a well known Pakistani actress who gained a lot of popularity in the show biz and recently she got married to famous Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain. she changed the mindset of the showbiz industry to a great extent. Iqra Aziz is a confidence actress. Iqra is not tall in term of height but still, she gained a lot of popularity in the showbiz industry and proved that if she has the patience to do something then nothing is an obstacle in any work. Iqra Aziz has also given a new look to her hair and got her hair cut in which they look beautiful.

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