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top tips for hairs

top tips for hairs;

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Here we discuss healthy hairs. We prepare a list of tips that help you with your hairs care. 

First, all watch your diet. Make your hair stay clean longer; do not use any fried and fatty dishes from your diet. You can replace them with vegetables and fruits, nuts, meats and milk.

use dry shampoos Always apply dry shampoo to the hair roots like hair chemical spray should be the distance of 8 to 10 inches. If you use talcum shampoo then you can apply it to hairs roots directly. After 10 minutes, then you can comb your hairs.

Always remember that water temperature should be When you washing your hair, temperature warm and tepid water. Hot water damages your hairs. after washing your hairs, it is the best way to dry naturally. avoid a hairdryer as much as possible. Make sure to Comb your hairs before bedtime. If your hair is long, make hairs ponytail.  Include it as a habit, the result will impress you. Your hairstyles should be simple. The best of your’s hairs would be backcombed the hair at the roots. Wash your brushes and hair tools. Make sure and don’t forget to clean your hair styling tool. Make sure Wash your hairbrushes and combs once a week with Warm water .change your hairbrushes from time to time.

 the right way to wash your hairs,

  • Dry hairs with a T-shirt, a towel should damage your hairs.
  • Don’t scrub your scalp.
  • Don’t put conditioner directly on your hair's roots,

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